University Lake

A boat dock at the Lake.

The sun reflected off the surface of the lake like thousands of shimmering diamonds. We sat quietly in the canoe. Even though the temperature was well into the 90's and the sun shone down on us mercilessly, there was a nice breeze and a tranquil moment in an otherwise harried day. I watched the magical jewels of light dance upon the lake, hypnotized by them. It was truly a magic moment.

A picnic area in the trees at University Lake. University Lake is right in Carrboro, off of Jones Ferry Rd. Go past Willow Creek Shopping Center, where the Food Lion is, and turn left at the next light, onto S. Old Fayetteville Rd. The Lake is at the end of the road to the right.

This wonderful Lake was built in 1932 by UNC Chapel Hill. University Lake holds 450 million gallons of water! It's tributaries include Morgan Creek, Phils Creek, Neville Creek, Price Creek and Pritchards Mill Creek. In an addition that was completed in 1993 recreation areas were added. The lake has a 213 acre surface area, and is ideal for canoes and rowboats, which you can rent at the lake. There are picnic and sunbathing areas.

A serene setting in an otherwise harried day. The lake is also Carrboro and Chapel Hill's drinking water source and a great spot to fish. It's full of largemouth bass, catfish, crappie, warmouth and bluegill. A haven for many animals in our ever developing community, folks have been known to spot deer, racoons, opossums, grey and red foxes, bobcats and many other forms of wildlife around the lake. On this hot day, all we observed was a little turtle, sunning himself on a piece of floating wood.

University Lake is a wonderful local resources. Take some time to enjoy the water. Maybe you'll have your own magic moment.

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