Carrboro's Community Mural Making
Mural artist Emily Weinstein prepares for the mural painting as Kimberli holds the ladder for Marta, a volunteer

When Kimberli Matin opened Zodi Gallery in 2001, we discussed the creation of a mural on the side of the Jade Palace building. The traces of Scott Stewart's mural (seen as the background of this webpage) had long since been degraded by time and the elements, and eventually blasted from the building for a new coat of paint. The space screamed for art. Kimberli told me that her long term plan was to facilitate this endeavor. On September 29 this creative event began, the same day as the Carrboro Music Festival. Close up pictures of the mural so far...

Emily and Kimberli had a map planned Working on the mural
Working on the mural Artist Anke Gassen paints the Weaver St. Market Circle and mural artist Sharon Barksdale-Worth joins in on the process with other volunteers

Emily Weinstein was the mural artist overseeing the event, with the theme "What does community mean to me?" Dozens of artists and volunteers showed up on Sunday to start this project, after the "map" and outline on top and bottom had been painted in the day before. Folks marked their spots and started to paint, or will come back Saturday to start, continue, or finish their art.

The artwork created so far looks great and offers an eclectic blend that is perfect for Carrboro. Along with the ads there are paintings of flowers, suns, moons, stars, hearts, and abstract designs in a wide variety of colors and styles. It's a real mixed bag.

Dale and Becky Carlson in front of the ad Dale painted for Can Pink Flamingos Fly? - Photo by Cynthia Flowers Progress on the mural
Near the end of the day there is still work to be completed next weekend, but it's off to a great start!

The proceeds from this event will go to Club Nova, a nonprofit organization located in Carrboro which serves as a halfway house for emotionally challenged adults. Art created in this mural is expected to be up for a minimum of 5 years, and will no doubt be seen by hundreds of people every week as they stroll around downtown.

Progress on the mural - Photo by Becky Carlson Progress on the mural

For a mere $20 for individuals, or $50 for businesses, you can get a (roughly) 2 foot square to decorate as you wish. Use it to write a quote or paint a picture. Paint your logo or business name, or have someone help you create something if you want. Sponsor a child! All supplies will be provided, paint colors may be limited. There are still spaces available to complete the mural. You can pay for your space at Zodi Gallery, 105 East Main St., between The Spotted Dog and Jade Palace restaurants.

Call Kimberli at Zodi Gallery at 969-6886 to sign up for space. Take advantage of this great community mural and make your mark on Carrboro.

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