Additional Information from OWASA

How to get to the lakes:

University Lake is on the west side of Carrboro. The recreation area is at the southern end of Old Fayetteville Road, which can be reached via Jones Ferry Road. The Cane Creek Reservoir is on the north side of NC 54 about eight miles west of Carrboro Plaza. The entrance to the recreation area is on NC 54 just west of Stanford Road.


University Lake and the Cane Creek Reservoir are stocked with bass, catfish, bluegills and other fish. NC fishing license requirements apply at the University Lake and Cane Creek Reservoirs. ALL persons 16 years and older MUST have a valid NC fishing license to fish in NC waters.

For people with disabilities:

Citizens with disabilities will receive assistance from OWASA staff as needed in order to enjoy boating at the OWASA reservoirs and using the recreation areas at the lakes. University Lake has a fishing pier designed for use by people with disabilities.

Safety at the lakes:

All citizens who use the lakes are encouraged to put safety first. Life jackets are available at the lakes for adults and children at no charge. University Lake and the Cane Creek Reservoir are alcohol-free facilities.

Boats and motors:

OWASA offers canoes and flat-bottomed boats for rent at both lakes.

Citizens may use small private boats if they are brought on a car or in a truck to University Lake or Cane Creek and after inspection by the lake staff. Boats on trailers are not permitted.

The limits on private boats are intended to help prevent aquatic weeds, which cause problems for fish and in water treatment, from being introduced into the reservoirs. For this reason, boats brought to the lakes must be cleaned of mud, vegetation, etc.

To help protect water quality, OWASA allows only electric motors, which are also inspected, at University Lake and the Cane Creek Reservoir.

Picnicking and other facilities

Both lakes have picnicking facilities and sunbathing areas. The Cane Creek Reservoir also has a nature trail.

For more information:

Doug Terry, Water Supply and Treatment Manager, 968-4421; e-mail:

Eric Barnhardt, Lakes Warden (Cane Creek), 942-5790; e-mail:

Bob Glosson, Senior Assistant Lake Warden (University Lake), 942-8007; e-mail:

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