Piedmont Farm Tour Slideshow

This year the Piedmont Farm Tour is featuring six new farms, 40 in all! The event occurs Saturday and Sunday April 16 & 17, 2011, from 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Cost to tour 40 farms is $25 per carload (in advance - day-of button is $30) or $10 per car per farm. All proceeds to benefit Carolina Farm Stewardship Association (CFSA).

Every spring for the last fourteen years, local farms in Orange, Chatham and Alamance counties have opened their doors to visitors. Organized as a fundraiser for the Carolina Farm Stewardship Association, the Piedmont Farm Tour will draw thousands of visitors to the farms. The CFSA is a membership-based organization of more than 1,200 farmers, processors, gardeners, businesses, and individuals in North and South Carolina who are committed to sustainable agriculture and organic farming. Discover once again the importance of farmland to the health and life of our community.

The Farm Tour is a great way to spend a day or a weekend roaming our beautiful rural farmlands and seeing how and where about our local agriculture is grown. Visit farmers who grow organic lettuce, heirloom apples, hydroponic tomatoes, strawberries, flowers, and acres of vegetables or berries. Some farms feature goats or cows and produce cheeses, milk and ice cream.

There will also be starters or perennials for sale along with other farm products including honey, quilts, cedar chests and more available at some of the locations. Children can ride ponies or tractors and pet baby goats and cows. Farmers offer good advice on improving your gardens and learn about preserving family farms for the future. Information will also be avaiable on saving rare breeds of livestock.

To take the Tour get the map, gather up your friends, fill up the car, and locate each farm you want to visit! You can pick and choose whichever farms you want to visit, or see them all! $30 per car for all 40 farms at the first farm your visit (or $25 in advance), or $10 per car per farm. ORůVOLUNTEER and attend the Farm Tour for FREE! Contact cfsa@carolinafarmstewards.org for more information.

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